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PolyU Campus
PolyU Campus

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In-situ TEM system
In-situ TEM system

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Game of electrode materials
Game of electrode materials

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PolyU Campus
PolyU Campus

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Welcome to Xu's Research Group at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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Our news


•  Welcome Ma Yiyuan, Jiang Pengyan, Qi Qi and Lin Huijun join our group as PhD students. (Dec. 2022)

• Our proposal related to Ca ion battery is funded by Shenzhen STIC, PhD student/RA positions are available (Dec. 2022)

•  Fangyi's work on liquid sulfur growing on 2D materials is accepted by ACS Nano. (Aug. 2022)

•  Fangyi's review paper is accepted by J. Mater. Chem. A. and Dr. Xu received the "J. Mater. Chem. A. Emerging Investigator 2022" (Aug. 2022)

•  Fangyi's work is published on J. Energy Chem. Congratulations. (Aug. 2022)

•  Welcome Dr. Lyu Linlong, Dr. Yi Yuyang and Dr. Jien Li join our group as postdoctoral fellows. (Aug. 2022)

•  Our proposal related to sodium ion battery is funded by ITF, Postdoc/RA positions are available (Aug. 2022)

•  Our proposal related to Ca ion battery is funded by GRF, PhD student/RA positions are available (Aug. 2022)

•  We report a NASICON-type cathode for ultrastable and high-voltage Ca ion batteries on Small. (Feb. 2022)

• We invite Prof. Kisuk Kang to deliver a distinguished research seminar "New Battery Chemistry from Conventional Layered Cathode Materials for Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries". (Feb. 2022)

•  Our proposal related to battery recycling is funded by ECF and WWGF. (Feb. 2022)

•  Our proposal related to graphite intercalation chemistry is funded by Guangdong STC. (Feb. 2022)

•  Xiangjun from Wuhan University received the PolyU-nonlocal Institute Joint Postdoctoral Fellowship, he will join us as a postdoc co-advised by Prof. Kisuk Kang at Seoul National University, congratulation!  (Oct. 2021) 

•  Feiyang from Shanghai Jiao Tong University received the PolyU Presidential PhD Fellowship, she will join us as a PhD student, congratulation and welcome!  (Oct. 2021) 

•  Chunhong received the PolyU Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship, congratulation! (Oct. 2021)

•  Our proposal related to Li-S electrochemistry is funded by NSFC. (Sep. 2021)

•  Our proposal related to Ca ion battery is funded by RGC. (Sep. 2021)

•  Mr. Renjie Li and Miss Jingya Yu will pursue their PhD degrees in our group, welcome!  (Aug. 2021) 

•  Our work on calcium cathode materials is highlighted by Editor of Nature Communications to showcase the 50 best papers recently published in energy area. PV magazine published a news about our work. "Cathode discovery ‘opens up new pathways’ for calcium-ion storage". (July, 2021)

•  Another paper for calcium battery: the cathode derived from polyanion framework enables one of the longest cycle life and highest power capability in calcium batteries. This work is published on Nature Communications. (May 2021)

• The dawn of calcium battery is coming. Calcium batteries present vast opportunities for discovery, exploration and research. To see how, please refer to Invited Review paper on J. Mater. Chem. A (May 2021) 

• Fangyi's paper of "Recent advances on electrospun nanofiber materials for post-lithium ion batteries" is published on Advanced Fiber Materials, Congratulations! (Jan. 2021)

•  Dr. Chunhong Chen joins our group as a postdoctoral researcher. Welcome! (Oct. 2020)

•  Ms. Fangyi Shi joins our group as the first PhD student. She is co-supervised by Dr. Xu and Prof. Shuping Lau. Welcome! (Sep. 2020)

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